When Thousand People Forwarding Candidates?

Imagine this. Thousand people simultaneously search candidates for your open vacancies, they screen these potential candidates and forward them to your HR department. Your in-house recruiters can check their resumes, contact them, interview them, and in the best case, hire them. It’s called; Funnel Recruitment!

A constant incoming stream of potential pre-screened candidates is done by hundreds of well-trained professionals. And besides that, your business saves up to 65% of its recruitment expenses. Too good to be true? Nope, this is the new way of attracting new employees. Plus helping ordinary people around the world build small home businesses. What we see are enthusiastic people building a small recruitment business. Everyone has their speciality. Some are great in Sales and Service, others in hospitality, medical and/or logistics. The perfect solution in today’s storm. For four years I walked around with the idea to simplify the recruitment industry. It’s an old and traditional industry ruled by just a few large multinationals. The small recruitment agencies vanished during the financial crisis and the large multinationals expanded and dominated the current industry. Therefore it’s time to change it for the better. Helping each other is the key to success. It ain’t rocket science, it is simply working with great technology and great people.

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