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step 1

View Job Ads

As a member of Funnelting you have direct access to FunnelRecruit. On this platform, businesses posting their open vacancies. You have access to thousands of jobs you can start working on immediately.

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step 2

Choose vacancy

Simply choose the vacancies you want to recruit candidates for. With the Funnelting Platform you can find in a very short time, and with almost no costs, qualified candidates.

Step 3

Submit Candidates

Submit your candidate, and the follow the progress. When your candidate(s) are successful, you will receive 6% of the annual salary offered.

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Step 4

Get paid

In your earnings dashboard you find all the information and overview regarding your earnings. FunnelRecruit guarantees that you will get paid. We take care of the collection and we transfer your earnings into your bank account of choice.

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You are an Experienced Recruiter and would like to have access immediately?

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Example of Earnings

Your successful candidate will receive $45,000 per year on salary (excluding bonuses and other incentives)
Your earning are 6% placement fee

In this example you receive $2,700 net payment

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