Responding to employee requests can eat up a lot of HR’s time, especially when the questions are routine, such as “How many vacation days to do I get?” or “What’s the sick-leave policy?” The solution here is to help employees help themselves by giving them the ability to find answers to these questions on their own, whether they’re on their computer at the office or on a mobile device, at home on the weekend. An employee knowledge portal with personalization features makes this possible.

“But isn’t the point of HR to be accessible and provide a human touch?” To an extent. We live in a service world where employees value ease and expediency. They want to avoid picking up the phone, and expect to find work-related information as easily as they find answers on Google. However, they still need the option to pick up the phone or to submit a request for bigger issues, and this is where HR can make a real impact. Instead of spending time responding to the “easy” questions, the combination of an employee knowledge portal and case management technology means HR spends more time guiding employees through events such as taking maternity leave or relocating to a different office.