How speed hiring works?

How Speed Hiring works?

In a time that many companies desperately need new employees to fulfil growth and serve customers, the demand of recruiting is gigantic. Large staffing agencies misuse this high demand to ramp up their costs. Check for yourself, how much do you spend attracting new employees? Not only the advertisement costs, but also the time spend in your recruitment and HR department. What are the costs of training, onboarding and hiring mistakes?

An average job advertisement, on several job-boards is costing hundreds of dollars. If you choose for premium visibility, this can go up into the thousands of dollars. Just for one job-advertisement. And your recruitment department will confirm this; The number of useless applications received eating up a large portion of these costs. Our recruiters are familiar with this phenomenon. An expensive, highly visible job ad, attracts often hundreds of unqualified candidates. Unqualified in a way that candidates do not have the correct skillset, or not located in the area and/or do not have the legal requirements to work in the country they applied. You can’t blame these candidates, they just try and react on many jobs possible to get a legal work permit.