When Starting your Recruitment Agency, you have Direct access to Clients

Average Earnings €2.750 to €3.500 per month for ONE Placement

How does it work?


Login to FunnelRecruit

When you login to FunnelRecruit you see under New Jobcast different job-advertisements. Simply choose the Jobs you would like to work on. In the job description you find everything you need to know about the candidate the client is looking for

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Find Candidates with Funnelting

In Funnelting you find templates to publish your Job Advertisement. In this advertisement candidates can apply with their details and upload their CV. Funnelting helps you also to secure the candidates details in a fantastic CRM system we implemented in the platform.


Submit your Candidates

In FunnelRecruit you can submit your candidate(s) directly to the client. The hiring company will determine by 4 simple steps the progress of your candidate. This process you can of course follow and give feedback to your candidate.

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get paid

Collect your earnings

When your candidate was successful you earn your "Placement Fee". This is 6% of the yearly salary what your candidate will earn. This is your income and will be transferred to the bank-account of your choice.

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