Frequently Asked Questions

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Just a few organizations mainly control the recruitment industry. These are huge international recruitment companies together with the global job boards. Small agencies do not have a chance to exist because of the enormous advertising costs. Our other platform Funnelting is for recruiters to work smarter and with almost no expenses. With our free recruitment training program, we help people to start their own small recruitment agency. And with FunnelRecruit, they immediately can begin working and earning an income.
Besides helping many small businesses to exist, you save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on recruitment costs. The average recruitment fee usually is between 15% and 20% per placement. With FunnelRecruit, the fee is set on 7% per placement, regardless of position and base salary. That's 10% savings on your hires.
The recruiters are trained to source for the best candidates. Because they are using the latest technology, which we especially created for them. The candidates you receive will be professionally interviewed, and will be a 100% best match for the role. The method of how our recruiter's source candidates, is 180 degrees different than what everybody else is doing. That makes the recruiters unique and successful. We are changing the world of recruitment.
When a newly hired candidate decides to leave the company within the first 60 days of employment, we will refund the placement fee in full. This means that the recruiter does not get paid, and you will get a full refund. This only applies if a candidate leaves the company voluntarily, or did not show up for work without notice (no-show). Misconduct, or underperformance, is not covered under the placement guarantee.
When hiring a submitted candidate, the recruitment fee (placement fee) is 7% of the annual offered salary. For example, a candidate accepted a job offer with a $25K annual salary (excluding bonuses and other incentives). In this example, the recruitment fee is $1,750.
When you hire part-time employees, the fee calculation is as follows:
If a candidate's salary is $10 per hour, based on 20 hours per week. That means that the candidate's average four weeks' salary is $800. The fee is then calculated $800 x 1.5 = $1,200 fee.
FunnelRecruit (Funnelting Technologies B.V.) is collecting the fee on the 45th day of employment. The money stays in escrow until day 60. If the candidate leaves the company within the first 60 days and you are eligible for the placement guarantee, you will get a full refund. If the candidate is at work, we will transfer the fee (minus the FunnelRecruit Fee) to the recruiter.
Your recruitment fee is 7% per placement (or the part-time calculation). FunnelRecruit earns 1% and the recruiter 6%