Frequently Asked Questions

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Funnelting is a multifunctional, state of the art platform where you can easy, without the expensive advertisement costs, reach millions of potential candidates. For you to be successful on FunnelRecruit, and build a sustainable agency, we offer FunnelRecruit only for our Funnelting users, so they can work immediately with clients and create an income.
On training.funnelting.com you can get up to date with the recruitment industry. Because we want you to be a full professional, we offer several trainings which some of them are mandatory. When completed the trainings, you can start building your recruitment business.
This is a very common rule in recruitment, and it's very simple. There are only two reasons this guarantee applies. 1) If your hired candidate decides voluntary to leave the company within 60 days. 2) The candidate did not show up for work without notice or other gross misconduct reasons. When this happens, the placement was not successful and therefore the company does not need to pay the placement fee.
We take care that all placement fees are paid within 45 days. The fee will stay in escrow on our account. We payout recruiters on the 60th day of employment. This gives us enough room to collect the fee to make sure that you will get paid on time.
Because we already take care that companies pay within 45 days, we have enough room to dispute if a payment comes in late. In the rare case a company does not pay their invoice at all, the collection team will take over and will be in contact with the company, as well as with the recruiter. There is no need to contact the company yourself.
When signing up on Funnelting, the first 14 days is a trial period. When completed the recruitment trainings, you can use in the trial period FunnelRecruit™. And start building your business.