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About FunnelRecruit™

Founded in 2019, FunnelRecruit™ emerged with a clear vision — to reshape the recruitment landscape into a more equitable and inclusive space. Recognizing the challenges faced by small independent recruiters in a $600 billion industry largely dominated by large international agencies and international job boards, we set out to create a platform that levels the playing field.

Our Mission 

At the core of our mission is a commitment to fostering a fairer recruitment ecosystem. We believe that every recruiter, regardless of size, should have an equal opportunity to thrive in this dynamic industry.

Corporate Responsibility at FunnelRecruit 

At FunnelRecruit, our commitment to corporate responsibility extends beyond our role in revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. We believe in using our influence to foster positive change in the broader business ecosystem. Here's how we embody corporate responsibility: 

1. Supporting Small Recruiters: FunnelRecruit is more than a platform; it's a community. We actively support small, independent recruiters in their business endeavors. By providing them with opportunities, resources, and a fair playing field, we contribute to the growth of entrepreneurial ventures within the recruitment space. 

2 . Reducing Economic Disparities: We recognize the economic disparities within the recruitment industry. Large agencies often monopolize opportunities, leaving smaller players struggling. FunnelRecruit disrupts this pattern by ensuring that talent acquisition is accessible to all, thus narrowing the economic gaps prevalent in the sector. 

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment extends to broader social and environmental responsibilities. We integrate sustainable practices within our operations, minimizing our environmental footprint. Additionally, we actively engage in social initiatives, fostering positive change beyond the realm of recruitment. 

4. Ethical Recruitment Practices: Corporate responsibility, for us, involves upholding the highest ethical standards in recruitment. We prioritize transparency, fairness, and respect in our interactions with candidates and hiring companies. By doing so, we contribute to a culture of integrity within the industry. 

5. Diversity and Inclusion: We champion diversity and inclusion, both within our organization and throughout the recruitment process. FunnelRecruit strives to eliminate biases, promoting a diverse range of candidates and ensuring that opportunities are accessible to individuals regardless of background or origin. 

6. Community Impact: Our commitment to corporate responsibility is reflected in our efforts to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Through collaborations, initiatives, and community engagement, we aim to create lasting benefits that extend far beyond the immediate scope of recruitment. 

At FunnelRecruit, we view corporate responsibility as an integral part of our identity. Our actions are driven not just by a desire to transform recruitment but also by a commitment to leaving a positive and enduring mark on the world.