When Using FunnelRecruit
You Support Worldwide Hundreds Small Independent Recruiters

And simultaneously save huge costs and time

Proud winner of the 2022:

Average savings when you use FunnelRecruit!
7% fee instead of 15% fee.
(based on $30K salary)




How it works

Posting Jobs are 100% Free
When hiring, placement fee is always 7%
60 days Placement Guarantee
180 days Candidate Ownership

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Support Small Businesses

With FunnelRecruit you support small independent, often home based recruiters. Our connected recruiters are fully trained, and eager to support you with new your talent.

Get The Best Candidates

Recruiters work with our latest technology
100% Refundable Fee
Recruiters go through several high class trainings

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Four easy steps

  1. 1
    Post your vacancy

    You can post all your job advertisements for free. There are no limitations

  2. 2
    Get potential candidates

    Recruiters submit potential candidates which you can review, interview, offer or reject, following three simple steps

  3. 3
    Hire your new talent

    When you hire a candidate, the system automatically updates the recruiter. The recruitment fee is just 7%, regardless position.

  4. 4
    60 Days Placement Guarantee

    The recruiter will be paid after the 60 days placement guarantee. Before that period the fee is 100% refundable.

Let us show you how it works